Ada Programming $WikiTagline
BarthelmeSkin … A minimalist skin where white space and margins can show culture and aestheticismTestUse
BluesSkin … This skin has the bluesTestUse
Bs-001Skin … A Dark-Themed skin.TestUse
DropDownSkin … Uses a Dropdownmenu for the sidebar and has tabs for easy editingTestUse
GreaseSkin … Minimalistic skin inspired by the Dive Into Greasemonkey online book.TestUse
IPMWikiSkin .... Mobile skin for IPhone viewing and editing of PMWikiTestUse
Lens … Extremely and easily configurable, accessible, and supports ViewModesTestUse
Lens in Desert coloursTestUse
Lens in Green coloursTestUse
MonobookSkin … Makes PmWiki look like MediaWiki/WikipediaTestUse
ParchmentSkin … This is a tan skin with brown hilights and mimics aged papyrus for its background.TestUse
PMWiki … The default SkinTestUse
SsofbJoomlaRhuk … CSS Skin based on the Joomla rhuk_milkyway template.TestUse
TriadSkin … A three column layout, highly configurable.TestUse
Skidoo … Skidoo provides a simple, low distraction interface with rapid (no page refreshes) access to a whole bunch of stuff. I use it for the various wiki's I use for note taking on a daily basis.TestUse

Ada programming, © 2005,2006 Martin Krischik, Content is available under GNU Free Documentation License.