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VIM comes with a nice Ada mode - however you can always improve. I have created an imporved Ada mode for vim and uploaded it to the vim side where download from.

Here a short description of what I did:



Attributes can be detected by regular expressing. That way "implementation defined" Attributes are found as well:

 syntax match adaAttribute "'\w\{2,\}\>"

   HiLink adaAttribute	   Tag


Newer VIM's have this nice folding feature. Since most Ada programs are nicely layouted the foldmethod=indent should be ok:

 if exists("ada_folding")
   setlocal foldmethod=indent
   setlocal foldignore=--
   setlocal commentstring=--\ \ %s
   setlocal tabstop=8
   setlocal softtabstop=3
   setlocal shiftwidth=3

Don't forget to define ada_folding inside your ~/.vimrc file.

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