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How to compile ASIS

The following chapter describes how to compile ASIS (,

Get the lib

If you have wget installed then you could try:

 mkdir --parents /work/gnu_3.4/asis
 cd /work/gnu_3.4/asis
 cvs login 
 cvs -z3 co .

Otherwise just use your favorite browser and download from the XML/Ada side (


Nothing special:

 configure --prefix=/opt/ada


For some unknown reason AdaBrowse expects some symbolic links for the libraries. Delete ADA_INCLUDE_PATH and ADA_OBJECT_PATH because the Compile will fail if an older version is found.

 cd /opt/ada/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.4.2/adalib
 ln -s libgnarl.a libgnarl-3.4.a
 ln -s libgmem.a libgmem-3.4.a
 ln -s libgnarl.a libgnarl-3.4.a
 ln -s libgnat.a libgnat-3.4.a
 cd /work/gnu_3.4/asis


Set ADA_INCLUDE_PATH and ADA_OBJECT_PATH to the library's destination path.

 make install
 declare -x ADA_INCLUDE_PATH=/opt/ada/include/xmlada:/opt/ada/include/asis
 declare -x ADA_OBJECTS_PATH=/opt/ada/include/xmlada:/opt/ada/include/asis

You might have to repeat compile and install since some of the included tools compile only when ASIS is allready installed.

Could there be a Batch for this as well?

Yes, but it is not finished yet. In fact, it's so untested I don't dare offer it for download.

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