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Well, once you got used to the advanced features of VIM you might find the build in editor of the GPS lacking. The GPS is still good for compiling and file browsing. All the "goto declaration", "Goto file spec<->body" etc. pp. functions are realy cool. But for hard-core typing in source-code VIM is indeed better.

Luckily GPS can call an external editor - only the predefined VIM commandline won't cut it. Here the correct call for VIM:

 gvim.exe --servername %p --remote-silent +%l %f

This commandline make use of the VIM server mode so that only one vim per GPS is started.

BTW: The default for VIM and VI setting use xterm - which won't work with Windows and is a lot slower (first you need to start an xterm and then then VIM itself, which is turn has to load and parse the configuration files) then just passing a new filename to a VIM server:

 xterm -geometry 80x50 -exec vim +%l %f
 xterm -geometry 80x50 -exec vi  +%l %f

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