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Here the list op Plugins I use. Mostly for myself so I can quickly look for new versions.

NERD Commenter

Pretty helpfull for inserting comments into the code. The imporvements previously described here have made it into the main distributuion.

Taglist Source code browser

Great if you have an Ada patched ctags.

selectbuf and bufexplorer

Very helpfull. Only problem:

  1. They both do basicly the very same thing.
  2. They both look almost the same.
  3. They both need to be patched after each update so there mapping works with my functions keys.
  4. They both come preinstalled with the release versions of vim (and waste memory and startup time - since you realy only need one or the other).
  5. For both it adviceable to update the preinstalled version. (selectbuf actually need to be updated to work with vim 7.)


  1. selectbuf has more functions.
  2. bufexplorer us updated more frequently so it might eventualy catch up.
  3. selectbuf split opens a window for it's user inteface buffer while bufexplorer uses the current window.


On OpenVMS with it's crapy DCL shell a real live saver.


The matchit.vim script allows you to configure % to match more than just single characters.

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